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2018 Advocacy Institute PA Youth First Fellowship Application

The PA Youth First Fellowship Application is now closed.

Email Alison Marshall ( with any questions. Thank you!

Welcome to The Advocacy Institute PA YOUTH FIRST Fellowship application! Please complete this form to indicate your interest in the program. Someone will reach out to you with more details upon receiving this information. If you have any questions regarding this form or the program, please contact Amanda Irizarry (Advovacy Institute Program Manager) at 267.414.4371 or email her at

To learn more about The Advocacy Institute and the incredible work of our youth, please visit our Facebook page
The Advocacy Institute PA Youth First's Youth Advisory Council (YAC) will collaborate with The Advocacy Institute to create a dynamic media campaign based on the knowledge acquired from the training.  Through ongoing webinars and video conferences, the YAC will use their creativity and passion to frame the campaign in a way that speaks directly to their peers, is informative, and most importantly, inspires them to act. The campaign will reach teens and young adults throughout Pennsylvania and engage them in thoughtful discussion and prepare them for action against the opioid epidemic. 
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