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CommonBound 2018 Workshop Proposal

About Workshops

Thank you for your interest in leading a workshop at CommonBound 2018. Please read the following information before submitting your proposal for consideration.

General information on workshops:
  • All workshops at CommonBound will be listed as part of one or more tracks. Tracks were proposed and coordinated by NEC members and allies who help organize and curate workshops framed around the question of how we build the new economy. Please familiarize yourself with this year's tracks and identify the best fit(s) for your workshop before submitting your proposal.
  • Workshop blocks will be 75 or 90 minutes long. Please indicate if you have a preferred length and if you CANNOT offer a version of your workshop in a 75 minute format.
  • Workshops can have up to 4 presenters.
  • You may submit as many proposals as you want, but please do not submit the same proposal more than once.
  • The deadline for submitting a session is Friday, April 20, 2018.
  • Your proposal will be reviewed by the Track Coordinators of the track(s) you applied to and a final decision will be made with NEC staff. You will be contacted with a response to your proposal by early May.
We're looking for workshops that:
  • Grapple with practical questions of how we build the new economy. Idealogical debates, exploring high level concepts, and highlighting specific case studies are all important parts of answering that question. But, if you're attempting to do any of those things in your workshop, make sure that it's contributing to practical takeaways for workshop participants.
  • Focus on how to build the new economy in historically marginalized and under-resourced communities and that uplift the voices of people from those communities.
  • Are as interactive, participatory, and fun as possible.
NEC Provides:
  • Workshop presenters are expected to cover their own travel, registration, and housing costs. However, NEC does have some financial support available if presenters are unable to cover these costs. Additional financial support will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Flipchart paper, markers, projectors, etc.
  • Spanish/English interpretation services will be made available for presenters and participants to the greatest extent possible.