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myAzMerit Survey

Hello Arizona Educators!

Thank you for trying myAzMERIT- the beta version of a new tool that Phoenix-based EOS Education has developed to help you prepare your students for the computer-based AzMERIT. Please help us make the product even better for next year by taking 2 minutes to share your thoughts with us.

Thank you,
Your friends at EOS Education
1. 1. Please evaluate myAzMERIT. For computer-based testing, how helpful is it to: 
Space Cell Very helpfulSomehow helpfulRather not helpfulNot helpful at allI am not sure
Check whether my students are ready to take the online AzMERIT
Give my students an opportunity to practice the specific computer skills needed for the AzMERIT online
2. 2. Do you think that a website like myAzMERIT, where students can practice technology-enhanced questions for online testing is needed?
3. 3. Would you recommend the myAzMERIT platform to your educator colleagues? *This question is required.
Definitely NoDefinitely Yes
5. 5. What is your main role in K-12?
6. 6. What grade levels did you use myAzMERIT with? (Please select all that apply)