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MGSC Primary Care Access Benchmarking

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Welcome to the medical group primary care access benchmarking survey!

Instructions: Thank you for taking this survey! Our goal is to obtain a set of benchmarks for primary care access for independent and employed medical groups. This survey will ask for a series of access metrics for your family medicine, internal medicine, and OB/GYN practices. Please complete the questions based on 2017 calendar year data. If you do not have an exact answer to a question, providing an estimate is fine. You’re also welcome to leave any questions blank that you do not know the answer to. If you have any questions or would like a custom link to the data submission portal, please email Sarah Hostetter at

If you would like to view a PDF version of the survey, you may access it here.
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5. How many physicians are employed by your medical group practice in each of the following areas (headcount)? *This question is required.