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Minnesota Power - Renewable Energy Product Survey

Minnesota Power is exploring customer interest in a renewable energy product that would allow customers to get their electricity from dedicated renewable energy sources --in lieu of the resource mix that is currently in your monthly bill.
1. Which best describes your organization's interest in renewable energy?
2. How important is ownership of renewable energy credits to your organization's renewable energy goals?
3. Minnesota Power's current energy supply is more than 25 percent renewable. Does Minnesota Power's renewable generation count toward your organization's renewable energy goals?
4. The type of renewable product Minnesota Power is exploring provides the opportunity for customers to lock in energy costs over a period of time. This typically results in a monthly cost that is slightly higher than current bills, but may result in lower costs over time. How interested would your organization be in subscribing to this type of renewable energy product?
5. Which pricing option for a renewable energy product would be the most appealing to your organization?
6. Renewable energy programs can be fueled by a mix of renewable generating sources. Which of the following resources do you think is best to source a renewable energy product? Check all that apply.
7. If you were to participate in a 100% renewable energy program, please rank the items below in the order of importance (1 being most important, 5 is least important) to your company: Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
8. Are you interested in discussing the development of a renewable energy product with Minnesota Power? If so, please provide the following:
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