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2018 GMR Council Leader Nomination Ballot

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Thank you for participating in your Academy's nomination process for Member Council Executive Committee leadership positions. Please share your nominations with us for the General and Medical Rehabilitation Member Council. We are currently looking for a Chair and Chair Elect.

  • You can nominate yourself or your colleague for one position. If you choose to nominate yourself and a colleague, you must do so in separate ballots.
  • Please include your name and email address
  • Remember to click "submit" at the bottom of the ballot when you're finished with your nominations.
  • If you nominate a colleague, then that person is required to submit a ballot to confirm interest.

If you need help deciding who would be effective in leadership positions, click here to view a PDF of position descriptions.

Your Academy is continually collecting nominations for all elected positions regardless of current terms, which is why we would like you to rank the positions in which you are interested. All nominations submitted will be kept on file and reviewed as positions open. Elections for open positions will be held at the AAPM&R 2018 Annual Assembly. The approved slate* will be posted in advance of the Annual Assembly.
*Please note that those placed on the approved slate will be invited to attend this year's Council Advisory Panel to be held in Chicago, IL on Thursday, September 13th.  

Thank you!

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