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2018 Sales Acceleration Survey

The Introductory Questions

Thank you for participating in Tip of the Spear Ventures' 2018 Sales Acceleration Survey!

Tip of the Spear Ventures' Sales/BizDev Business Advisory service continues to evolve its research to provide sales, business development, and senior leaders with insights into how sales operations impacts and improves seller effectiveness.

Please note:
  • Your responses to this survey are confidential.
  • It's ok to stop and come back; you can continue where you left off.
  • The study should take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete.
Upon completing this survey, you will be able to immediately download part 1 of 3 from our eBook Series titled "Base Camp Preparation for Sales Summit."
Please contact with any questions.
6. Which of the following best describes the industry your company is part of? *This question is required.
8. Which of the following best describes the functional area you are most closely associated with in your company? *This question is required.
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