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Aging and Disability 2018 Information & Referral/Assistance National Survey

Aging and Disability 2018 Information & Referral/Assistance National Survey

National Association of States United for Aging & Disabilities (NASUAD) in partnership with the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL)

Thank you for your participation in the Aging and Disability 2018 Information & Referral/Assistance National Survey.

The survey is designed to assess the state of Information and Referral/Assistance (I&R/A) systems serving older adults, persons with disabilities, and family and friend caregivers. Findings from the survey will highlight important trends and developments in the provision of I&R/A services. The results of the survey will be compiled into a final report and shared with the I&R/A network. Please note that survey responses will be aggregated or otherwise de-identified in the final report.

Saving, editing, and submitting the survey:

1. Please note that this survey consists of 10 sections. You have the ability to save your work and continue later. To do so, simply click the "Save and continue survey later" ribbon at the bottom of each page. When prompted, you may enter your email address. If you do not receive an email to your inbox, please be sure to check your junk email.

2. Once you are satisfied with all of your responses, click the Submit button at the end of the survey.

3. If you realize you still want to edit your responses after you have clicked the Submit button, in order to get back into your agency’s survey, you must contact Samantha Gardner ( who will send you a unique link to your submitted survey.

For efficiency and consistency, your agency may wish to coordinate a single response to the survey on its behalf. While your agency might not be able to respond to every question, we ask that your agency answers as many questions as are applicable to its work.

Please complete the survey by Monday, April 30, 2018. If you have questions or would like assistance with completing the survey, please contact Nanette Relave at 202-898-2578 x305 or

On behalf of NASUAD and NCIL, we thank you for your time and consideration in completing this survey. Your responses will provide a valuable contribution to our knowledge and understanding of the delivery of I&R/A to older adults and individuals with disabilities.