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Stop the Ban on Homeschooling Now - Huey Report

Stop the Ban on Homeschooling Now - Huey Report

A dangerous new proposal to end homeschooling in the states of California and Maryland is threatening the parental right to direct the education and school choice for their children.

The horrific new proposal assumes parents who homeschool are guilty of child abuse until proven innocent.

Progressive lawmakers base the legislation on one isolated incident of horrific child abuse. The bill is now threatening the rights of potentially millions of parents who homeschool their children.

It’s really the brainchild of judicial activists who hate homeschooling and have been trying for years to outlaw this parental right.

It’s also the work of progressive politicians who don’t want parents to have choices in education for their children…

The ban would take millions of children out of high-quality educational systems and place them into state-run schools…indoctrinating them with progressive curriculum and often low-quality education.

Take a stand today for parental rights and freedom and sign the petition to stop the ban on homeschooling now.

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