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2018 Reader Survey

Thanks for spending 5 minutes with us.  Your answers tell us who's reading On Pasture and what you need.  They also help us explain to potential sponsors why supporting On Pasture is good for you and for them. With your help, we can keep On Pasture coming to you every week.

Estimated Time to Complete:  5 minutes
1. Which of these categories describe you? Choose all that apply.
4. Which livestock are you currently raising?  Choose all that apply.
5. What changes have you made in each of these practices because of reading On Pasture?
Space Cell I haven't made any changes in thisI think about this differentlyI'm doing this differently
Grazing Management
Pasture Management
Soil Health
Livestock Management
Financial Management
Monitoring and Measuring What I Do
Conservation Planning
7. How much has On Pasture improved your knowledge of farming or ranching?
Not very muchSomeA littleA lotNot applicable
8. When you're considering trying something new, how much do you think about each of these issues? 
Labor Needed
My business mission and goals
What are the steps to make this work?
Who has tried this?
Has this been studied?
What will my neighbors think?
9. What hurdles limit you in adopting a new practice? Choose all that apply.
10. Please rate On Pasture as your source for grazing information.  
Space Cell