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1531 NSHS 2018 - Main Survey


Welcome to the 2018 National Social Housing Satisfaction Survey
Your state housing authority would like to understand how satisfied you are with your housing and the services provided to you. The information you provide will be used to improve housing services provided to you and to tenants like you. Your responses are very important, and in the past have helped your state housing authority to better understand and address the safety and security needs of tenants.

Lonergan Research, an independent market research company, is conducting this research on behalf of your state housing authority. You have been randomly selected to take part in the survey. Your answers will remain confidential. Data from the survey will be provided to your state housing authority but no information that could identify you will be provided to your state housing authority or to any other organisation. 

You will need to provide a response for EVERY question to proceed with the interview. Where exact information is not known, please give the best answer you can. This survey can be completed by any person in the household who deals with your housing organisation.

During the survey, please do not use your browser's FORWARD and BACK buttons. Instead, please always use the "Next" button below to move forward through the survey. Please click on "Save and continue later" (located at the bottom of the page) if you wish to exit and return to the survey later.
Please enter your online username and password below to enter the survey. Please note that the password is case sensitive.