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Save My Medicine Patient Survey - Methylcobalamin

Your Methylcobalamin (B12) Is At Risk!

The FDA will soon consider whether your compounded methylcobalamin can continue to be prepared by your pharmacy. During the past two years, the FDA’s Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC) reviewed 48 medications used in compounding and voted to continue allowing only 15 of those to be compounded.

When will this happen?
We anticipate methylcobalamin will be reviewed as early as May 2018 and no later than August 2019.

What does it mean for me?
A “no” vote on methylcobalamin will likely mean you won’t have access to compounded methylcobalamin!  

What can I do to help?
Submit your story below and share the impact methylcobalamin has on your health and what it would mean if you no longer had access to it. 

Where will this information be sent? How will it be used? 
Your response will be sent to PCCA, the partner to your pharmacy. PCCA sells products like methylcobalamin and many others to the pharmacy where your prescription is then compounded for you. 

PCCA will have a representative testifying to the FDA’s PCAC to advocate for access to your medication. Your response will significantly help strengthen that testimony, as PCCA will send in your story and many others for the committee to review prior to the meeting. 

Thank you, in advance, for making a difference and helping ensure you will still have access to your methylcobalamin! If you have any questions, please call your pharmacy or PCCA Public Affairs at 800.331.2498.
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