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2018 BizWorld Youth Venture Project Application

Application Overview

Deadline to submit an entry is June 25, 2018.

BizWorld’s Youth Venture Project is for young people, ages 14-18 who have a business idea (product or service) they would like to further develop and pursue in a 5-day Bootcamp from 9am-4pm the week of July 9-13, 2018.

Camp applicants should be prepared to tell us more about their business idea. They should answer each question to the best of their ability, and it is okay if they do not have complete answers to all questions.

Full Participation in the BizWorld Start-Up Bootcamp will result in eligibility to be selected to participate in the BizWorld Start-Up Success Competition on July 17, 2018. Only 5 Bootcamp participants will be selected to participate in the Competition, and participation in the Bootcamp does not guarantee selection as a Competition Finalist.

If selected to participate in the Start-Up Bootcamp, participants will be required to pay a $250 fee. Please submit the Scholarship Application if you would like to apply for Financial Aid to help with Bootcamp expenses and fees.

In order to apply, prospective applicants must complete the required documents included in the Application Packet. Download the Application Packet here.

Application submissions should include:
  • Business Application (required)
  • Application video (required; see below for video details)
  • Release forms (required)
  • Scholarship request form (optional)

Once you have completed the above items please return to this online submission portal to complete the online contact information form, and upload your completed forms and video.

Application Video:
Video should be 2-3 minutes and demonstrate your product and its value.
Tips on how to prepare your video:
  • Clearly explain the problem your company addresses and how your company will solve that problem(s). 
  • Use graphics, examples, or role-playing to help tell your story.
  • Convey your personal enthusiasm about your product.