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How do you feel about Facebook?

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately. We want to know how you feel. We’ll use this survey to understand how we can better support and advocate for you and your personal information online. We promise not to use any of your personally identifying information on targeted ads. We promise not to sell this data to any third parties. And we promise to share the results of this survey back with you in a transparent and open way.
1. I consider myself: *This question is required.

How concerned are you about the safety of your personal information online?

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Not Concerned
Somewhat Concerned
Very Concerned

Who is most responsible for keeping your personal information safe online?

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When it comes to your personal information, which best sums up your feelings:

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How often do you use Facebook?

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6. How do you feel about Facebook?

Which of the following do you like most about Facebook?


Which of the following do you like least about Facebook?


Do you know what types of personal information Facebook collects about you?


Check all the items you currently know how to do:

7. Have you made any changes on Facebook as a result of the recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook revelations?
7. Would you consider paying for a version of Facebook that doesn’t make money off you by collecting and selling your data? *This question is required.

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We handle your information as described in the Mozilla Privacy Policy. Please know that Mozilla may publish your text comments anonymously in our follow-up survey report.