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2018 CAPIC MHSA Stipend Application

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CAPIC/MHSA Stipend Program
Online Student Application for the 2017-18 Contract Year

These stipends will be awarded 
to doctoral level clinical psychology students
who are committed to serving in the publicly funded
mental health system in California. 

This year, CAPIC is distributing sixteen (16) Full-Time stipends!
Full-Time stipends are $20,772.  Half-Time stipends are half that, or $10, 386.   

Complete this online application to be considered for one of these stipends!  
First check to see if you meet the eligibility criteria.

The deadline for submitting applications has been extended to May 30th.
Stipend awardees will be announced by June 30th.  

Eligibility Criteria:
Psychology students must, at the time of application, be enrolled at a California doctoral academic program AND serving at a qualified internship.  These programs/agencies need not be CAPIC member programs.  

This internship must be the student’s final internship prior to graduation, and the student must graduate by December of 2018. 

Students must also complete fifteen (15) CAPIC/MHSA online training modules on mental health matters during the course of their internship and postdoctoral service.

Students must also be committed to working at a qualified postdoc after graduation, and must commence this work within six months of graduation.
The qualified postdoc site need not be identified at the time of application.

Failure to complete these obligations will require the return of all stipend funds.

A qualified site under this MHSA program is one which receives some county public mental health funding.  All county behavioral/mental health departments qualify.  NOTE:  CDCR and State Hospital sites are explicitly ineligible/unqualified sites under this MHSA program. Funds must be county mental health funds.   
Talk with your internship director (or Administrator, Finance Officer, Comptroller,  Executive Director, etc., as appropriate) to determine whether your site receives county mental health funds.   Additional guidance on whether your internship qualifies under this CAPIC/MHSA stipend program may be found here
To apply for an CAPIC/MHSA stipend, please complete this online application.

Applications must be submitted via this online format.

All information submitted on this online application is considered confidential.  Additionally, any identifying info will be removed from the applications before reviewing them and selecting the final awardees.

The deadline for submitting applications has been extended to May 30th. 
Stipend awardees will be announced by June 30th.