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Measuring Collaboration Registration Form

Dear Educator,

Thank you for your interest and support of our research efforts to better understand collaborative problem solving (CPS) skills and the vital role they play in our STEM workforce.

Why participate?
  • Receive $500, plus instructional materials that support electronics, physics, and pre-engineering programs.
  • Use technology to encourage collaborative learning in your instruction.
  • Receive basic feedback about your students’ content knowledge and CPS skills.
  • Contribute to needed research of CPS skills.
The online simulation

The activity realistically simulates a DC voltage source connected to four resistors in series. Three students, working on separate computers, each control one of three adjustable resistors. Students work together and apply Ohm’s Law to achieve specified goal conditions—while communicating only via a chat window.

(A solo version of the activity is available for students to work independently, if your class does not have multiples of three.)

To support our research, each computer logs the students’ actions and communications. A team of educators and researchers will analyze each student’s and each team’s performance to provide you with a summary of results.

You’ll be asked to:
  • Complete a short pre-survey about each of your students.
  • Following our instructions, “create a class” in our online portal that provides private links for your students to surveys and activities.
  • Manage ~90-minutes of classroom time (one or two class periods) while students complete their surveys and activities.
  • Complete a short post-survey that serves as an invoice for your stipend check.
All data collected will be used only for research purposes, and personally identifiable information will be removed. Data collected as a part of this study will be stored on secure, password-protected servers and/or secure, locked filing cabinets to ensure confidentiality. Only the research team will have access to the data.

To continue, please complete and submit the registration form below.
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7. When do you anticipate doing the activity in your class(es)? (Check all that apply.) *This question is required.
8. For the course in which you expect to use the Three Resistor activity, provide the course name, student level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), and approximate number of students.