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2018 SRYC Sailing Survey

St. Regis Yacht Club (SRYC) 2018 Pre-Season Survey

1. Do you participate in some aspect of sailboat racing sponsored by the St. Regis Yacht Club?  
3. Do you pleasure sail? 
4. If you race, what boats do you race in? (Select more than one if applicable)
5. How many times a season do you race? 
6. Would you attend an Adult Learn to Sail Clinic? 
7. Would you attend a Yacht Racing Rules short course taught by club member(s)? 
8. Thinking ahead to a few years from now, would you pay (to offset the costs of) to attend a SRYC sponsored  Rules and Tactics seminar on a weekend (similar to the Dave Perry weekend a few years ago)? 
9. Would you like to be on a "Crew Available" list on the website? 
13. Would your camp be interested in investing in a two-handed sailboat suitable for Juniors and young adults? This boat would be intended to attract sailors who do not own or do not wish to sail O Boats, who want to prepare for two handed racing in college or want to have a different experience from the Sunfish. Please see next question for specific boats.
(Note: The Yacht Club will not invest in a fleet of boats for loan to Club members.)
14. Here are some boats to consider. Please check those that interest you (the investor) or you ( the youth sailor). Make suggestions. Check out Laser Performance website if you are curious. Suggest other manufacturers. Price range new is from $3,500 - $9,500. 
15. The Labor Day Tea is the SRYC's largest budget item. We have a few Tea questions. Please add your comments if you have suggestions.