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"Immersive Technologies" for Learning - Survey to TRENDS Readers

TO: Learning TRENDS Readers
FROM: Elliott Masie
RE: Your Input and Ideas for New Report on “Immersive Technologies” for Learning – e.g. VR, AR, Mixed Reality, and More

The MASIE Center is excited to produce a new and updated report on the evolving opportunities and challenges of using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and more for Workplace Learning. We published one of our most accessed reports on this topic 15 months ago and this new report will build on that with an expanded focus and new title: 

“Immersive Technologies for Learning: VR, AR, Mixed Reality, and More"

We will be releasing this report in May and need input and ideas from you! Bobby Carlton, the editor of our first report, will be preparing this update.

Please take a few minutes to share your use of, questions about, and hopes for using "Immersive Technologies" in workplace learning!  
Are you using a form of "immersive technology" for learning in your organization? This would include Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.
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