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MIT Tesla Autopilot Survey


My name is Lex Fridman and I'm part of a team of engineers at MIT who are looking to understand and build semi-autonomous vehicles that save lives while creating an enjoyable driving experience. You can read about our ongoing data collection in Tesla vehicles here or watch the YouTube video here. This effort is aimed at analyzing human behavior with respect to Tesla Autopilot by using computer vision to analyze 300,000+ miles and billions of video frames of real-world driving that we collect in Tesla vehicles. We're finding some very interesting and exciting results, and would like to supplement those results through a large-scale survey of Tesla owners to check whether the results hold across the larger population.

This survey should take 15 minutes. Thank you for your time. I hope this work, and your contribution, will help us significantly decrease the number of fatalities and injuries across the world due to car crashes.

Please share this survey with any other Tesla owner you know. The bigger the sample, the more we can ensure that our findings can help everyone. A good link to share is
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