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Lifebook Member Wisdom

Welcome to the Member Wisdom Survey!

It's time to share your favorite Lifebook passages for a chance to be featured as a STAR LIFEBOOK MEMBER in version 2 of the Lifebook Program!

Featuring new-and-improved content from Jon PLUS member wisdom in each of the 12 categories, Lifebook Version 2 is positioned to become the most powerful and beloved personal development program of all time... and YOU have a chance to be featured in the program!

All you have to do is share your favorite passages from your Premise, Vision, Purpose and Strategy sections of your Lifebook. Remember to choose the passages that MOVE you -- we're looking for inspiring, uplifting, emotionally-charged member wisdom!

Please follow the instructions for each section of this survey very carefully.

NOTE: You may only submit ONE answer per box, but you can choose to complete as many boxes as you like. Each box is limited to a MAXIMUM of 60 words.

At the end of the survey, please submit 1-3 photographs of yourself for us to choose from.

Your photograph should NOT just be a simple head shot! They should be beautiful images of you living your best life :)  Your photos can feature you with your family, doing an activity you love, or even category specific imagery (for instance, a photograph of you exercising if you've shared a Health and Fitness passage). The sky is the limit!

Should you have any questions before, during, or after the survey, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Thank you so much for participating in this exciting update to the Lifebook Program, and for helping us move one step closer to our mission of ONE MILLION PEOPLE with a Lifebook!

With big love and deep appreciation... let's get started!