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Ambassador Nomination

Candidate Nomination for Leap Ambassadors Community

Thank you for nominating a candidate for the community. Please consider these three points:
  • Dig deep in your networks to think about individuals you consider top or emerging talent as candidates for the community.
  • Take into account the criteria for assessing the mutual match and fit between a candidate and the community (Ambassador Criteria post) and the expectations for ambassador involvement (Ambassador Expectations post).
  • Give thought in your nominations to how we can achieve greater diversity in the community taking guidance from a principle in the Performance Imperative’s leadership pillar that better incorporates diversity and inclusion (paraphrased for this purpose):
Ambassadors cultivate diversity and inclusion at every level of their organization and within the Leap Ambassadors Community, because a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives contribute to their organizations and the community’s creativity, empathy, and effectiveness. – PI Pillar 1 Principle

Please don’t tell the candidate about the nomination. As you know, our vetting process is rigorous and not everyone makes it through. If the candidate knows about the nomination, never receives an invite, and asks why, it can be awkward.
Please rate how well you believe this candidate, if invited, would meet each of the following criteria:
Strong affinity for the community’s purpose—the belief that performance matters and that building high-performance organizations is a vital pathway to achieve meaningful, measurable, and financially sustainable results for the people and causes served.
Substantially MeetsFully MeetsModerately MeetsDoesn't Meet
If invited, the candidate will likely have a desire and expressed enthusiasm to join the community over and above any benefits gained through affiliation. 
Substantially MeetsFully MeetsModerately MeetsDoesn't Meet
Excels in their field with meaningful accomplishments in their lives and work that contribute to the community’s purpose.
Substantially MeetsFully MeetsModerately MeetsDoesn't Meet
Depth of knowledge and expertise of what high performance is and what it takes to build high-performance organizations, whether through experience in leadership, management, programs, financial health, organizational culture, internal monitoring, external evaluation, or other related disciplines.
Substantially MeetsFully MeetsModerately MeetsDoesn't Meet
Ability, willingness, and time to contribute to the community and advocate its “performance matters” message in their communities and networks.
Substantially MeetsFully MeetsModerately MeetsDoesn't Meet
Alignment with community norms to ensure a reasonable fit with the community’s group chemistry and protocols that allow for and encourage dissenting views, independent thinking, and objectivity—always done with respect and courtesy.
Substantially MeetsFully MeetsModerately MeetsDoesn't Meet
This candidate will help push us, constructively nudge us out of our comfort zones, and raise the bar of thought, content and action within the community – they will help “raise all boats.”
Substantially MeetsFully MeetsModerately MeetsDoesn't Meet