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St. Joseph East Park

At 94 acres, East Park is classified as a Regional Park in St. Joseph’s Parks System Plan. The future Park’s gently rolling terrain has been farmed over the years and consists of open fields with scattered hedgerows and pocket wetlands. Bordering the south edge of the Park is the Sauk River. The entire site is within the 500 year flood plain and over 80% is within the 100 year flood plain. Most of the river’s edge is covered in wetland forest. In keeping with the Park’s inherent landscape character its development has been envisioned to support a mix of passive recreation facilities, ecological restorations and low-impact facilities providing opportunities for individuals, families and groups to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and connect with the natural world.

Your answers to the following questions will assist Park designers and the City’s Parks Commission to refine the program and design of St. Joseph’s newest Park.
1. Please rate your preference for the following park features or facilities:
Space Cell HighMediumLow
Canoe/Kayak Launch
Motor Vehicle Parking
Boardwalks Through Wetlands and Meadows
Covered Shelter/Pavilion for Social and Educational Gatherings
Paved Trails for Walking and Biking
Soft (gravel or mowed) Trails
Nature-Play Environment
Covered Picnic Pavilions with Tables, Seating and BBQ Grills
Off-Leash Dog Park/Dog Run Area
Permanent Restrooms
Seasonal Warming House
Nature Observation Area/Platform
Disc Golf Course
3. Please rate your preference of activities or park programs that may be provided at East Park:
Space Cell HighMediumLow
Bee Keeping
Exercise Class
Nature/Ecology Education
Disc Golf
Dog Walking
Snow Shoeing
X-Country Skiing
Small Recreation Space for Various Program Activities