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Medtech's role in the Internet of Medical Things

Welcome to the Research2Guidance survey on 'Medtech’s role in the Internet of Medical Things', conducted on behalf of Deloitte LLP. 

The purpose of the survey is to gain insights from medtech companies in order to better understand the development of the connected medical device industry, specifically:
- the current extent of connected medical device development and deployment
- the challenges faced by the industry in deploying connected medical devices and how these challenges are being addressed
- how data from connected medical devices is being managed and used
- the impact data from connected medical devices has on the current and future business and operating models of medtech companies.

Definition: A connected medical device is one which is able to generate, collect, analyse or transmit data or images and can connect to health care provider networks and transmit data to either a cloud repository or internal servers in order to prevent, diagnose or treat diseases. 

For the purposes of the survey medical devices either have received regulatory approval (e.g. FDA, CE). Devices for well-being and fitness are not included.

The findings from the survey will be used in a publicly available report to be published in early summer 2018. Participants in the survey will:
- receive a copy of the report and
- be invited to attend a launch event and/or participate in an interactive webinar in June 2018.

Hope you enjoy the short survey break. Let's get started!

All participants’ information will be anonymised during all aspects of data collection, collation, analysis and publication. 
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