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ALVS Scholarship Application - School Official Recommendation

The student who has sent you this form is applying to The Jack Rousso Individual Course Scholarship with Apex Learning Virtual School.

Apex Learning Virtual School is committed to increasing accessibility to education by providing students with alternative learning solutions. The Jack Rousso Individual Course Scholarship is intended to further increase access to education. We will provide two tuition-free semesters to two students each for every Spring, Summer, and Fall Term.

If your student receives this scholarship, they will be granted two tuition free semesters from Apex Learning Virtual School. 
The Application Review Committee would like your input to help make its decision. Please complete the below questions:
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Check the appropriate box that best describes the character of the student. 
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Maturity and self-discipline
Reaction to setbacks
Cooperation with others
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This form will be submitted directly to our Scholarship Application Review Committee.