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2018 Mental Health Service Corps Application


Thank you for your interest in the Mental Health Service Corps!
The Mental Health Service Corps (MHSC) is a key initiative of ThriveNYC, a city program committed to promoting and protecting the well-being of all New Yorkers. MHSC aims to fill the long neglected gaps in mental health and substance use services throughout NYC by placing behavioral health clinicians within high-need communities.

This application is for both behavioral health and primary care settings. Behavioral health sites receive a MHSC behavioral health clinician to expand the services that the site already provides. Behavioral health settings include Article 28 and 31 clinics, substance use clinics, PROS, FACT, MCT, day treatment programs, and partial hospitalization programs. In primary care settings, MHSC will support the integration and expansion of mental health services by implementing the collaborative care model. Collaborative Care is a specific type of integrated care that treats common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety that require systematic follow-up due to their persistent nature. Reference:

This application is intended for new applicants. If you are currently participating in the Mental Health Service Corps program and would like to expand your participation to additional sites, please contact:

This application will take approximately 25 minutes.
Instructions for Completing the Application:
Please submit your application as soon as possible, as there are a limited number of behavioral health clinicians.
The MHSC application requests information on the practice and site level.

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To facilitate gathering this information, you can find a printable worksheet to prepare you for the application here:
Contact if you have questions or need assistance completing the application.