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2018 Click Youth Media Festival Registration - Open Application

The Basics

As this festival centers around capturing, editing, and sharing video and audio recordings, WPT cannot guarantee that the likenesses of participants (including minors) will not be recorded and used for contemporaneous or future purposes. For that reason, please make sure you have media release forms signed and scanned for each person attending from your site BEFORE beginning to fill out this survey. Parents or guardians must sign these forms for minors. You will be asked to upload the signed forms as a PDF later in this survey, and it cannot be completed without doing so.

Download: Release for Minors 
Download: Release for Adults 
1. Please input the personal information of the primary point of contact at your site who will be leading the trip to the Click Youth Media Festival on June 30th.
3. What is your approximate personal level of technical expertise in audio and video production?

Low = I use my cell phone to take pictures or video and post to social media sites.
Medium = I am familiar with DSLR cameras and have some experience with programs like Photoshop, iMovie, and Garageband. 
High = I have experience with DSLR cameras and video editing using a professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro, AVID, or Final Cut.