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Patient Power Facebook Survey

Welcome to "Patient Power: A Cancer Community" Facebook Page Survey!

Whether you are a cancer patient or a caregiver/"care partner" like me, we'd like to learn more about you to help us improve our two Facebook pages: Patient Power: A Cancer Community and its "sister" page, The Cancer Connection. These resources are devoted to providing you with a safe space to connect with others on a similar path, know you are not alone, and help you gather information to make informed decisions.

Be assured that any information you provide will not be shared in any individually identifiable way with third parties.  We occasionally share results of these surveys in the aggregate in order to get support to develop expanded services.

There are very few questions in this survey that are required - but the more you tell us, the better we can serve you.

Thanks in advance for helping us help you!

Warmest regards,

Esther Schorr
Co-Founder, Patient Power: A Cancer Community
1. What best describes you? 
  *This question is required.
2. Which of the following below best describes the primary diagnosis you (or the patient involved) received from a physician? *This question is required.
How long ago were you diagnosed?  *This question is required.
How long ago was your patient diagnosed?  *This question is required.
3. What is your gender? *This question is required.
4. What is your age? *This question is required.
5. Do you reside in the United States?
If you do not live in the United States, what is your country of residence? *This question is required.
6. What best describes the stage of cancer you (the patient) is dealing with now?
If you are currently in treatment for your primary diagnosis, what medication/s are you taking?
Have you participated in or are you currently in a clinical trial?
7. Aside from the health/physical impact of cancer, what is your (the patient's) biggest concern? 
8. On average how much do you (the patient) pay for cancer drugs each month?