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CSA Foundation 2019 Grant Application

Deadline: Friday, January 18, 2019

The Central Surgical Association Foundation sponsors two annual awards (The Turcotte & Elsevier, Inc. Enrichment Awards), each in the amount of $20,000, to support surgical scholarship and research and advance the science of surgery.  All members of the Association are eligible to apply.  However, special consideration will be given to member applicants at the Assistant and Associate Professor level who have not yet obtained federal funding (K, R series NIH or equivalent DoD funding) to support early career development and to serve as seed money to obtain these grants in the future.  In addition, members may sponsor junior, non-member surgeons within the geographic region who likewise have not yet achieved federal funding.
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8. Does your project involve animals or human subjects? If so, please upload a copy of the ICAAC approval form and/or the Institutional Review Board approval form here.
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PersonnelCSAF grants do not provide salaries for faculty or support staff.
Supplies: Provide an itemized list of supplies, the quantity of each type of supply needed and the total cost of each category of supplies.

Equipment: Equipment requests must be restricted to items specifically needed to conduct the project and must be justified in detail.  Generally equipment whose cost would consume a major portion of the grant is not supported.

Animals and Animal Care: For those proposals involving animal research, the cost of animal purchase and maintenance should be itemized.
Patient CareGrants requesting patient care costs must itemize and justify those costs.

Travel: Travel will be supported if it is essential to the project and is outside the investigator’s local area.  The need for travel must be justified.
Indirect Costs: CSAF awards are not allowed to support institutional indirect costs.

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15. Do you and your PI agree to abide by the following procedures associated with the awards?

The awardee and sponsor whose proposal is accepted by the CSAF will be notified in writing and the award will be announced at the annual meeting.  The awardee must be present at the annual business meeting to receive the award and to attend the following year’s meeting to present a brief progress report.  The meeting registration fee will be waived for these 2 meetings.

As a condition of the award, the CSAF shall be credited within any publication or at the time of any presentation based in full or in part on projects supported by a CSAF Grant.  A copy of any publication or presentation should be sent to the CSA Foundation office.

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