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10 Question Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient evaluation of TAMGI anesthesia provider

1. During the visit with the anesthesia practitioner before the surgery, I was able to ask the questions I wanted. 
2. The information given to me by the anesthesia practitioners was understandable.
3. How satisfied were you with treatment of nausea and vomiting after the operation? 
4. How satisfied were you with pain therapy after surgery? 
5. I was satisfied with my anesthetic care.
6. I would recommend the anesthesia team to others in my family.
7. To what degree did you have confidence in your anesthesia practitioners?
8. To what degree was the anesthesia team willing to listen to your questions? 
9. Based on this experience, I have a good understanding of the role the anesthesiologist played in my surgery?
10. How would you rate the quality of care by the anesthesia practitioners? (Very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, slightly dissatisfied, slightly satisfied, satisfied, very satisfied)