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First Music Contact - Research into Ireland's Music Industry

First Music Contact - Survey Information

First Music Contact is working on a ten year plan to develop, improve and support the infrastructure for the music sector in Ireland. We would like to measure and map the health of our Industry to include all genres and what measures and investment could be developed to improve it. We will work together with industry and government to develop programs and investment to deliver these plans.
By participating in the following survey, you will help to develop and protect a healthy music industry in Ireland. The aim is to not only make sure we identify the challenges and opportunities you face, but also consider what common goals can be reached in support of a sustainable music industry for all.

We need your help to shape the future direction and priorities in building a vibrant music sector in Ireland. Thank you in advance for your time and participation.

About Your Data 
Please note that all information will remain private and confidential in compliance with the GDPR legislation. Individual responses will only be viewed by the the following organisations, Sound Diplomacy and First Music Contact. 

Questions or Concerns 
If you have any questions or concerns, or if you'd like to know more about the findings of this survey, please do not hesitate to contact 
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