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Sanctuary State Petition - Huey Report

Fight California’s Dangerous Sanctuary State Law

The California sanctuary state law is protecting and releasing criminals—at the expense of your safety.
These are people who have been convicted of and charged with crimes…and they are running free in our communities.  In fact, one-fourth of all inmates in California are illegal immigrants … and thousands of them are being released every month.

On January 1st, 2018 California became the first state in the nation to become a “sanctuary state.” This dangerous law means that police officers are banned from asking about a suspected criminal’s immigration status.

California is prioritizing illegal immigrants over your security – and the resulting spike in violent crime means that you and your family may no longer be safe in public.

The sanctuary state must be stopped.

Will you take a stand against this appalling injustice and outrageous disregard for the foundations of this country?

Will you take a stand to make California great again—and reverse the dangerous increase of crime and progressive politics?

You have a voice! Sign the petition today to fight the sanctuary state in California.

I ask that Governor Newsom and California state legislature reverse this dangerous policy, and that county supervisors and city councils join the fight against the sanctuary state.

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