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The purpose of this training is to teach the skills of exceptional customer service.

What is exceptional service?

Leonard Bert, a researcher from Texas A&M University, tells us that a customer is more likely to do business with companies that have workers who are reliable, knowledgeable, make great first impressions, care about the customer, and are prepared to help the customer whenever needed.

Using that framework, here are the lessons we will cover:

Skill 1: Dependability
Skill 2: Courteous Communications
Skill 3: Knowledge of the Company, its Products, the Community, and the Region
Skill 4: Creating Exceptional Appearances
Skill 5: Being a Good Listener
Skill 6: Showing Customers You Care
Skill 7: Dealing with Difficult Customers
Skill 8: Taking Care of Yourself

At the end of each lesson, you will be prompted to complete a quiz. A score of 90% must be met before you can proceed to the next section. Don't worry, the questions are pretty easy!

You may stop at any point while completing the training and you can resume at a later time.

Thank you for providing Great Service to our guests!

Let's give our South Dakota visitors an experience they won't ever forget!