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Financial Assistance Grant Request - Fellowship of Evangelical Churches

Grant Criteria

Our fellowship has been blessed with matching grant funds to offer $2500 in financial assistance grants to the first 15 senior pastors that have a special financial need (see question 1) and meet the criteria (see question 2).
1. Check any of the following special needs you have at this time:
Space Cell YesNo
$2,500 Retirement Assistance Grant: If you don’t have a retirement account or have a balance less than $50,000, agree to start your own individual IRA or enroll in the FEC Retirement Savings Plan, and begin making monthly contributions or maximize the FEC match. Note: church participation is required if you pursue the FEC Retirement Savings account.
$2,500 Student Loan Grant: This is for personal student loan balances greater than $10,000.
2. Check all of the following grant criteria that applies to you:
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Senior Pastor that is credentialed by FEC
Visited and previewed (with your spouse, if married) the Personal Finances course
Visited and previewed the Church Generosity six monthly committee-based lessons
Chosen and talked with a designated lay leader that has reviewed this application, previewed the online Church Generosity lessons and has agreed to schedule these committee-based interactive lessons for the pastor and 3+ lay leaders
Upon receiving approval by our Financial Health Committee in August, I agree to start the Personal Finances course in September (with my spouse, if married) and the Church Generosity course with at least 3 or more lay leaders in January. You understand all course work must be completed before August 31, 2019
Agree to schedule the use of a churchwide generosity devotional in 2019 as part of the Church Generosity course
Agree to allow your lay leaders to distribute the Bless Your Pastor brochure and receive an appreciation offering before the end of 2019. Note: For larger churches, if desired, this offering can also be used to benefit other staff members.
Understand that 50% of the grant is given at the completion of the Personal Finance course and the balance of 50% of the grant is given at the completion of the Church Generosity course
Complete your online application at on or before August 31, 2018. Note: Senior pastors who receive the $2500 Financial Assistance Grant are not eligible for the $200 honorarium Visa eGift cards.
4. Please provide the following contact information.  All information is required.  If not married, in the spouse boxes put the word: no
Space Cell First NameLast NameCell Phone with Area CodeEmail
Lay Leader
5. Please provide the following church information. 
Space Cell Church NameWorship AttendanceAnnual BudgetPhone with Area Code
6. Please provide the following personal information
Space Cell Your AgeRetirement Plan BalanceStudent Loan BalanceAnnual Church Salary/Housing
7. Please provide the following mailing information
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