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Financial Assistance Grant Request - Fellowship of Evangelical Churches

Grant Criteria

1. FEC has been blessed with financial assistance grants, each in the amount of $2,500, to 20 FEC workers with an Ordination, Pastor, or Ministry License. These grants can go toward either a FEC Retirement Plan or to paydown student loan debt. Please select your choice below:
2. Check "Yes" or "No" to the following grant criteria:
Space Cell YesNo
I am credentialed by FEC (Ordination, Pastor, and Ministry licenses).
I have visited and created a sign-up/sign-in account.
I have chosen a lay leader who has gone to, created a sign-up/sign-in account and has reviewed the free online training opportunities below.
I have chosen one of the six online training options:

6-Session God Is Your Provider Personal Finances – completed by you and your spouse if married

1-Bless Your Finances - completed by you and your spouse if married

1-Session Bless Your Pastor – completed by lay leadership and church – lay leader led

1-Session Generous Life Devotional – completed by you, lay leadership and church – pastor or lay leader led

1-Session Bless Your Church Legacy Bequests – completed by you, lay leader and church – pastor or lay leader led

6-Session Church Generosity – completed by pastor and three lay leaders
Upon receiving approval from the FEC Financial Health Committee, I agree to complete one of the courses. *Please complete this online application as soon as possible as the number of year 4 grants are limited.
4. Please provide the following contact information.  All information is required.  If not married, in the spouse boxes put the word: no
Space Cell First NameLast NameCell Phone with Area CodeEmail
Lay Leader
5. Please provide the following church information:
Space Cell Church NameWorship AttendanceAnnual BudgetPhone with Area Code
6. Please provide the following personal information:
Space Cell Your AgeRetirement Plan BalanceStudent Loan BalanceAnnual Church Salary/Housing
7. Please provide the following mailing information:
Space Cell NameAddressCity, StateZip