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Your opinion matters!

Your opinion matters!

Dear Chef,

Consumers increasingly want to know what they put in their mouth, where their food comes from, and who is behind the products and brands they love.

To protect the taste and quality you love in Callebaut, we invest in sustainable cocoa farming. And each time you purchase our Finest Belgian Chocolate, you help farmers get access to the tools and knowledge they need to make the best out of their craft.

Why not communicate about it?

By filling out this survey, you help us understand which tools you need to make your sustainability claim, in-store and beyond.

Thank you!
- The Callebaut Team

1. Do you consider communicating to your customers about your choice for sustainably sourced chocolate? *This question is required.
2. Which are most convenient tools for you to do so?
2. How do you prefer to receive these tools?
2. How often do your customers ask about sustainable chocolate in your shop or restaurant?
3. What statement applies best? *This question is required.
4. Would you like to attend a free information session about sustainably sourced cocoa and the Cocoa Horizons program?
5. What business are you in?
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