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Help Save Christian Therapy, Books and Schools in California - Election Forum

Petition: Help Save Christian Therapy, Books and Schools in California

AB 2943 is proposing a ban on religious freedom, by prohibiting any therapy, literature or seminars that offer counseling on same-sex attraction and teach a biblical worldview of sexuality.

The bill says,

“Advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” will become illegal.

This disturbing attack on religious freedom has the potential to cause the following:

  • Therapists will be prohibited from counseling those with same-sex attraction from a Biblical perspective
  • Christian schools and colleges will be silenced from teaching and requiring students follow a Biblical view of sexuality
  • Pastors could go to jail for teaching a biblical view of marriage
  • Christian writers and publishers won’t be permitted to produce literature promoting Biblical marriage and books on same-sex attraction
  • Even the sale of the Bible could be outlawed

You can help stop this dangerous bill from destroying religious freedom in California by signing the petition below.

checkbox I oppose AB 2943. Please do not violate the First Amendment rights and choice that would result if AB 2943 becomes law.
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