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HPDS Alumni Survey


Welcome to the Hyde Park Day School Alumni Survey!

We’re so glad you’ve decided to participate.  We expect the survey to take about 20 minutes to complete.  Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering:
  • What it was like to attend Hyde Park Day School
  • What you experienced after HPDS
  • How technology has affected learning
  • Your or your child's current experiences and plans for school and work

Some important technical notes:
  • Before beginning the survey, maximize your computer screen for the best view of the questions.
  • Always use the NEXT and BACK buttons at the bottom to move through the survey, NOT the buttons on your browser.
  • Click the SUBMIT button after you finish the survey.  PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THE X TO CLOSE YOUR BROWSER TAB until you have submitted the survey or all your work may be lost.
  • If you cannot do the whole survey at one time, you can save your work and return to finish later: Click the 'Save and Continue' button on the top right of the survey and click the rectangular Save button. (The word 'Save' inside the rectangle may be difficult to see on a mobile device.) You can now close the survey and return to it later via the link.

Now, click Next to begin!

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