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Master Your Inbox

Thanks for your interest in the Master Your Inbox coaching program. As an early adopter your opinion will play a very important role in helping me create a comprehensive course that helps you and many other people.

The goal of this survey is to learn what products you're using so I can tailor the course content to your specific needs.
1. Please enter your contact information
Numbers only, please. No dashes or spaces This question requires a valid number format.
2. Where is managing email most difficult for you? *This question is required.
3. How many email accounts to do you interact with at least once per week? *This question is required.
4. What tools or services do you use for email? *This question is required.
5. What mobile devices do you use for email? *This question is required.
7. Aside from your email, what do you use for your "to-do" list?
8. In what ways do you most struggle with email? Drag items into the box, with the most difficult being at the top. *This question is required. Order the items from the following list. First select an item with the spacebar to show a menu of possible ranking positions. Next, click a ranking position to order it in the ranked list. Note the menu will display more ordering options as you add items to the ranked list.
9. How much would you be willing to pay for Master Your Inbox?
10. Would you be more likely or less likely to pay more for a coaching course specific to your email client (Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.)
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