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IM Poll: Engaging Outside IM or IG Consultants

Engaging Outside Information Management or Information Governance Consultants

Citing the magnitude of the project, our May/June Information Management magazine "Business Matters" article makes a case for outsourcing information management (IM) or information governance (IG) program design and implementation. (Read the article that prompted this survey on page 36.) 

We'd like to know  for what projects your organization has engaged/is engaging or would like to engage an outside IM or IG consultant.
1. Business continuity program design and/or implementation
2. Business process design and/or re-design
3. Data mapping
4. Document imaging and/or digital preservation project
5. E-discovery
6. Enterprise-wide technology application implementation
7. File classification/taxonomy design and/or implementation
8. Policies/procedures design and/or implementation
9. Records retention research, schedule development/revision, and/or implementation
10. Shared drive strategies and/or cleanup
11. Technology assessment, selection, and/or implementation
12. Training