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Translational Research: Community Provider Survey

Thank you for participating in this pivotal translational research project. Through this survey, we hope to determine a baseline for communication methods between you and your local ILD center.  Please answer each question as honestly as you can as it applies to the majority of your interactions with the ILD center.
3. For which of the following would you reach out to the ILD center for advice or support: *This question is required.
  • * This question is required.
5. Regarding the MANAGEMENT of patients with IPF, how important is it to you to:
Space Cell 1 Not important23 Moderate importance45 Very important
Remain in charge of care, with initial and periodic consultations as needed
Participate in shared decision-making about transplantation, palliative care, and advanced directives of your patient
Entrust care of the patient to the ILD center and remain informed
Manage your patients in clinical trials