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SolutionMap Customer Review Survey - Public

Customer Review Survey - Spend Matters SolutionMap

Thank you for participating in Spend Matters SolutionMap’s Customer Review Survey!

Thank you for your procurement solution provider review to SolutionMap, the industry's only database of freely available procurement solution provider rankings that is based on equal parts customer and analyst input.  The more validated reviews provided from procurement practitioners like you, the more accurate the customer feedback scores will be.  Here's some quick guidance:

  • We greatly respect your time.  The survey has been designed to take you no more than 7-10 minutes to complete

  • The survey contains 8 required (mostly multiple choice) and 10 optional open questions for qualitative feedback (which is extremely helpful for your peers)

  • All responses are anonymized and no submissions are attributed to specific customers. However, your company name may be disclosed for validation purposes.

  • Survey submissions are validated* before you will receive your choice of reward*

  • If you are reviewing multiple areas for one provider, you simply need to complete the survey once and select all solution categories that apply

PLEASE NOTE: Only give a review if you are currently working with a provider, or have done so within the past two years or so.

As a ‘thank you’, you may choose to receive one of the following reward options at the end of the survey - which will be emailed to you upon validation of your submission*:

  1. 20 Questions to Ask Stakeholders Before Implementing Your New Procurement System’, a premium Spend Matters PRO article
  2. Write Better RFPs: How to Get What You Want (and Need) From Suppliers', a select Spend Matters Plus+ article
  3. Foundational Procurement KPIs Every CPO, Supply Manager, and Buyer Needs to Know', a select Spend Matters Plus+ article

* Only practitioner submissions from end-user organizations are considered valid and eligible to receive a ‘thank you’ reward from Spend Matters. You may submit multiple surveys for different providers.

For questions related to the survey, please contact Spend Matters VP of Product Development, Carina Kuhl 

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1. Please provide your contact information*:

* Responses will be anonymized but we may contact you personally with a follow-up question if needed.  Your email will not be shared or used in any other capacity. *This question is required.
3. Please select the solution category (or categories) that apply to your survey responses.  Please check all that apply. *This question is required.
  • * This question is required.
6. Are you still using this solution? *This question is required.
7. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:  How likely would you recommend this provider to another organization looking at this type of solution? *This question is required.
Would not RecommendExtremely Likely to Recommend
8. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:  Please indicate your satisfaction with the provider/solution on the following criteria that are important to you. 
Leave the scoring row blank if the criteria was not important for you.
Space Cell Very DissatisfiedDissatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedNeutralSomewhat SatisfiedSatisfiedVery Satisfied
Pricing / affordability
Quick deployment
Ability to maximize savings (process savings or spend savings)
Ability to maximize spend under management (if applicable)
Return on Investment (ROI)
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Business Value (beyond ROI)
Supplier network (if applicable)
End user experience / ease of use
Unique capabilities
Process expertise
Compliance/Execution: Ability to implement against expectations / service levels
Best fit for cross-functional needs (legal, supply chain, etc.)
Category depth/support (if applicable)
Industry expertise (if deemed important)
Modular capability/feature/functionality
Broader suite capability (if applicable)
Ability to handle our company's unique needs
Systems integration
Supplier enablement (if applicable)