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GNDR Award: Nomination Form

GNDR Award: Celebrating the Successes of Our Members

Award Eligibility:
The scope of the award program will be restricted to full members of GNDR. If a person is nominated for her/his individual achievement, s/he must be an affiliate member (professionally attached to a full member organisation) of GNDR.

To be noted, no staff members (either current or previous) and members of the current global board will be eligible for nomination. However, board members who served previously and currently have no relationship with GNDR’s operation or strategic direction, can be nominated for the awards. 

Deadline for receipt of nominations: August 31st 2018

Award Announcement: September 2018

Please ensure you have read the award information pamphlet here.
Important Note for Nomination Submission:

Please find below Off-line Nomination Form for your input preparation. Kindly select the nomination form for the Award category, you are applying for. Please download the off-line Nomination Form and prepare your answers to all questions before starting the online submission.

Please return to this page to start the online submission once you've completed all the questions in the offline nomination form.
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Please note that your inputs to the online nomination form cannot be saved and finished later. So, make sure that you have all information ready at the off-line form.

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