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Event Grant Application - 2018/19

Event Funding Information

Before completing this application please ensure that you have reviewed the TRUSU Grant Application Process and Application Deadlines to ensure that you are eligible to apply for funding for this event. 

In order to be eligible for this grant you :
  • must be a registered club or campus group;
  • must be able to demonstrate need (we fund events, not fundraisers);
  • must have your application reviewed by the Board of Directors prior to the event taking place;
  • may not have already received a TRUSU Grant for this event or activity;
  • may not be receiving course or program credit for the event or activity. 

You are completing an application for general event funding. These funds are intended to support events and activities with a general benefit to the campus community. General event grants are a maximum of $2,000.00. Expenses eligible for grant funding are:
  • Food and beverage expenses
  • Entertainment or talent expenses
  • Sound and production expenses
  • Venue expenses
  • Contracted Travel expenses
  • Materials and supplies expenses

If you have any questions about TRUSU Grants or the application process please contact our Communications Coordinator at or by phone at (250) 828-5289.
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TRUSU Grants only support funding for extra-curricular activities. You are not eligible to receive funding for events which are required for the completion of a course or program. 
In order to receive funding your primary applicant must be prepared to present your application to the board of directors. If you are not available to attend the Board meeting then you should have another member of your club/campus group submit your application. 
In order to be eligible for funding you must read the through the application process and application deadlines information to ensure that you understand the process.