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Educational Activity Grant Application

Educational Activity Grant Funding Information

Before completing this application please ensure that you have reviewed the TRUSU Grant Application Process and Application Deadlines to ensure that you are eligible to apply for funding for this event. 

In order to be eligible to apply for an Educational Activity Grant you:
  • must be hosting an on-campus lecture, workshop, or conference;
  • must be a current student or faculty member at Thompson Rivers University;
  • must have your application reviewed by the Services Committee prior to the activity taking place;
  • must be able to demonstrate need;
  • may not have already received a TRUSU Grant for this event or activity.

Educational Activity Grants shall be eligible for a maximum of $5,000.00 for the reimbursement of:
  • Speaker or instructor expenses
  • Venue expenses
  • Food and beverage expenses
  • Sound and Production Expenses
  • Material and supply expenses

If you have any questions about TRUSU Grants or the application process please contact our Membership Development Coordinator at or by phone at (250) 828-5289.

***Concerns Related to Events and COVID-19***

We are accepting applications for both virtual and physical event funding; however approval of any in-person events will be based on health restrictions at the time your application is submitted. Your application must include your plan to abide by those health restrictions and you must be prepared to speak to that plan in your presentation to the Services Committee.

If funding is approved, event hosts will be expected to make accommodations to their events based on changes to health restrictions that occur between the date of the application and the date of your event. 

Click here for updated information on health restrictions related to event hosting that will apply to your application. 

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