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2018 MRA DORS Awards Nominations

AWARD Nomination Opportunities


  • DORS Personal Achievement Award

Presented to a former consumer of rehabilitation services who has overcome barriers such to reach a remarkable degree of personal and economic independence.

  • DORS Employer Leadership Award

Presented to a Maryland employer who has demonstrated remarkable leadership in promoting the employment, independence, and economic self-sufficiency of individuals with disabilities.

  • Patrick McKenna Professional Award

Presented to DORS staff person who demonstrates a deep commitment to the agency’s mission, values, and vision. This recipient is dedicated to improving the lives of persons with disabilities by promoting and inspiring others to effectively and continuously serve and respect in the DORS community.

  • DORS Excellence in Partnership Award

Presented to a Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) which has demonstrated an outstanding record of partnering with the Division in assisting individuals with significant disabilities to achieve employment through the use of innovative practices and creativity. The CRP recognized is a program that is approved or accredited by DORS accreditation process to provide vocational services.


  • Joseph J. Mucha Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Business Operator

Presented to a DORS client who becomes successfully self-employed as a business operator and shows significant potential to maintain and expand the business operation.



  • The R.C. Thompson Hall of Fame

For individuals who have dedicated a career or lifetime to advocating for people with disabilities. The selected individuals should be champions of rehabilitation and affiliated with vocational rehabilitation, independent living, universal access, disability rights, etc. These members will be forever linked with the finest examples of rehabilitation professionals in Maryland. MRA membership is NOT required.

  • Administration Award

Honors an individual who has shown unusual initiative or creativeness in the development and administration of a program of demonstrated value for individuals with disabilities. The person eligible for this award should be: (1) an administrator of a rehabilitation program; (2) a director of a community facility; or (3) a person who has helped to develop outstanding rehabilitation programs in untried areas, although not personally involved in direct service to individuals. MRA membership required.

  • Mary E. Switzer Distinguished Service Award

Established in memory of Mary E. Switzer, the dynamic administrator of the Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Administration and the Social and Rehabilitation Service, and former NRA President. This award is presented to an individual or organization for achievement in advancing equal employment opportunity for individuals with disabilities. The recipient will have consistently performed with creativity and initiative to improve employer awareness regarding the capabilities of qualified persons with disabilities, and will have promoted affirmative action within their own organization. The award honors a commitment to the effective participation of citizens with disabilities in the economic mainstream. MRA membership NOT required.

  • Human Resources Award

Presented for significant contributions in the professional preparation and upgrading of rehabilitation personnel. The receipt may have initiated curriculum innovations, planned and implemented programs for a variety of rehabilitation personnel, inspired students to seek career in rehabilitation, or promoted training in legislative and appropriations forums. The award signifies dedication and leadership in the pursuit of quality services to individuals with disabilities through the performance of all members of the rehabilitation team. MRA membership required.

  • Humanitarian Award

Presented to an individual who has exercised notable leadership in removing environmental or legal barriers, thereby preventing discrimination against individuals with disabilities and supporting the rights and benefits due to every citizen. The winner should significantly support the growth of rehabilitation services in Maryland. MRA membership NOT required.

  • Organization Award

Presented to an organization with an outstanding record of services to individuals with disabilities. The organization may be one whose principal objectives are in the rehabilitation field, or one that has demonstrated effective concerns for the rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities. Organizations eligible for this award are those whose activities have contributed to the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities beyond the purpose for which the organization was established. MRA membership NOT required.

  • Excellence in Media Award

Presented to an individual or organization with an outstanding record of portraying people with disabilities and their life experience in a realistic and positive way. Material should appeal to the public and not merely to a professional or specialized audience, using progressive language and imagery. Portrayal should be informative and not solely for promotional content. Eligible entities can include print, radio, television, film, and advertising concerns. MRA membership NOT required.

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