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Confidentiality Agreement. GM

The Listing Agent for this ad, has an exclusive option to purchase the mobile home park. The exclusive option is an assignable agreement. This agreement regulates business opportunities presented by the Listing Agent, as of the date of this agreement. Information and discussion provided under this agreement shall be treated as confidential trade secrets. Information means oral or written data obtained from the Listing Agent or the property owner. Discussion means oral or written communication of Opportunities presented by Listing Agent or owner including, but not limited to, knowledge that the business is available for acquisition. Information received from Listing Agent, and discussion with Listing Agent, may not be disclosed to others without the express written consent of except as it is needed by the undersigned’s employees & agents whose knowledge of it is required to evaluate an acquisition. The undersigned assumes responsibility for compliance of its agents. All inquiries & negotiations shall be conducted through Listing Agent. unless otherwise agreed. The undersigned shall not, under any circumstances, directly contact the Seller, or the business, without prior written permission from Listing Agent. The undersigned explicitly agrees not to interfere with any affairs of the business, nor use any information or discussion received for its own account. The Listing Agent makes no warranties as to the accuracy of any information or discussion provided. In consideration of professional services provided by Listing Agent, the undersigned shall not attempt to purchase nor acquire an interest in the business for themselves or any other entity except exclusively through the Listing Agent for 12 months following this date.
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