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EPYQ User Agreement

Essential Properties of Yoga Questionnaire (EPYQ) User Agreement

The EPYQ is available for use free of charge by those agreeing to the following terms:
1. I understand that the EPYQ has only been validated for use by trained yoga intervention raters to rate whole yoga classes, not for evaluating practitioners' experiences. Other uses have not been validated.
2. I agree to contact and collaborate with the one or more of the measure's authors regarding non-validated uses of the measure.
3. I agree not to use the measure to for financial profit.
4. I agree not to distribute the measure to others outside of my research group or organization.
5. I agree to cite the main results manuscript listed below when describing the measure or its use in publications or other media:

Park CL, Elwy AR, Maiya M, Sarkin AJ, Riley K, Eisen SV, Gutierrez I, Finkelstein-Fox L, Lee SY, Casteel DL, Braun T, Groessl EJ.  The Essential Properties of Yoga Questionnaire: Psychometric Properties. Int J Yoga Therap. 2018 Mar 2. doi: 10.17761/2018-00016R2. [Epub ahead of print] 
6. I agree to notify the EPYQ authors of any publications related to the use of the EPYQ.
7. When using the EPYQ for validated purposes, I agree to post the EPYQ profile I create on the EPYQ website when that feature becomes available.
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