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CAPIC BoD Election Ballot - 2018

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This is the 2018 Online Ballot for Electing Members to the CAPIC Board.   
Thanks for your participation!

To be counted, your online vote must be submitted by 5 pm on June 30, 2018.

Alternatively, you may return a traditional paper election ballot, which was emailed to CAPIC members on June 11, 2018.  

The CAPIC Board of Directors sets CAPIC policy and oversees  its implementation. They are actively involved in leading CAPIC and representing its members.  There are a total of 14 member positions on the CAPIC board, which come up for election on a rotating basis. CAPIC Board members serve for 3-year terms, with elections for the open positions held each Spring, and terms beginning on July 1st, the start of our fiscal year.  Any positions left unfilled by this election may be filled by appointment by the CAPIC board.

These Board positions evenly represent the northern and southern California membership.For the purposes of these CAPIC Board elections, the geographical division between Northern and Southern California is the southern borders of Santa Cruz, Merced, San Benito, Madera, and Mono Counties.

Each Active CAPIC Program Member (i.e. Doctoral Academic, Internship & Postdoctoral Programs) is authorized one vote/ballot.  Inactive CAPIC programs are not eligible to vote. Students are not CAPIC program members and are therefore also not eligible to vote.  Program members determine for themselves who will act as their official representative, and training or field placement directors may designate another staff member to submit the ballot.  If multiple ballots from the same program are submitted, the CAPIC office will communicate with the program as needed to ensure only the proper ballot is counted.  

For 2018, the Following Nine (9) CAPIC Board Positions Are Open for Election:
Northern California
2 NoCA Doctoral Academic Program Representative Positions (3-year term)
1 NoCA Intern/Student Representative Position (1-year term)

Southern California
2 SoCA Doctoral Academic Program Representative Positions (3-year term)
1 SoCA Internship Program Representative Position (3-year term)
2 SoCA At-Large Representative Positions (3-year term)
1 SoCA Intern/Student Representative Position (1-year term)

This online ballot will remain open until 5 pm on June 30, 2018.  The results will then be tallied by the CAPIC Office, reviewed by the CAPIC Board and then announced to the CAPIC Membership in mid-July.  Again, thanks for your participation!

Because most programs identify more than one contact person, we have taken steps to prevent multiple votes by a program.  CAPIC will contact any program which submits more than one vote in order to confirm which program representative’s vote is official, and to ensure only one vote per Active CAPIC program is recorded.

Also, to ensure confidentiality of the process, any identifying information is removed before the results are tallied.  All participants will also receive an email confirming receipt of their individual ballot along with a PDF record of their individual vote.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at  
Many thanks for your vote and your participation in selecting CAPIC's leadership! 

René Puliatti,
Executive Director, CAPIC
1. Which category of CAPIC Program Member are you representing here (Academic, Internship, Postdoc)? *This question is required.NOTE: You may select only one category.   If you represent more than one category, you must submit a separate online ballot for each category. 

However, if you are an authorized representative for more than one program within a category, you will be able to select (and vote on behalf of) those programs.  That option will appear in the next question.