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The Critical Data Protection (CDP) Benchmark Survey from InteliSecure compares your data protection processes, policies and practices to those recognized by industry experts as best practices. The survey is presented in 3 sections:

1. Critical Data Asset Identification and Associated Risks Questions 3-12   
2. Policy Controls Questions 13-19
3. Technical Controls Questions 20-25  

You will receive a score along with brief commentary after completing each section of the survey and a Final Score at the end. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete all sections. 


Privacy: Your answers as well as identifying information about you are strictly confidential and will not be revealed to other survey participants or the public in any way. However, your anonymous information will be added to that of other anonymous survey takers for use in producing the comparison report and for analysis to be featured in InteliSecure's State of Critical Data Protection report.  After you complete this survey, you may opt in to receive an email with your comparison report and to opt-out from future InteliSecure communications should you wish to do so.

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