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Boulder Community Cultural Plan “Refresh” Detailed Survey, 2018


In 2015, we asked the community a few key questions about cultural life in Boulder, Colorado. Now, as we prepare for the second phase of the Cultural Plan, we would like to check in with your thoughts and advice.

The survey will take about 5 minutes.

For your questions, feel free to get in touch with us at
Are you an arts professional, i.e., do - or did - you make any portion of your living in an arts-related activity (such as working as an artist of any type, teaching in the arts, working in the design or media field, working for an arts or cultural organization, etc.)?
Thinking about how engaged you are in arts and culture, how would you rate your engagement?
Very engaged - I am an avid arts supporter and frequently attend arts and cultural events (5 or more times a month)Somewhat engaged (I occasionally support the arts and attend arts and cultural events)Mildly engaged (I attend arts and cultural events once in a while)Not really engaged (Arts and cultural activities play a very small part in my life)Not at all engaged (Arts and cultural events are definitely not a part of my life)
Do you volunteer your time for an arts or cultural organization?
In the last 12 months, which of the following activities have you participated in? Check all that apply.
In the last 12 months, which of the following did you attend or visit in Boulder? Check all that apply.