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Storage Replica Lite (phase 2)

Small and Medium Business DFSR and Storage Replication

This survey is for small and medium businesses to give feedback on the Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition version of Storage Replica currently in preview. If you are the administrator or IT decision maker for an organization with 1-250 employees, OR if you are the partner or consultant to these organizations, your feedback will help us decide if this new feature is needed in Windows Server 2019 or not. 
1. This survey is intended only for organizations that are classified as small or medium businesses (1-250 employees).  

Is your organization or customer 250 employees or fewer? If you answer NO, please discontinue this survey.
2. How many DFSR file servers exist in your organization? 

(Meaning servers that use DFSR for more than just  automatic domain controller SYSVOL replication)
3. On an average DFSR server, excluding any SYSVOL DC replication, how much data are you replicating?
4. Have you considered deploying Storage Replica to replace any DFSR in your organization?
5. Do you consider the new Storage Replica Standard feature in Windows Server 2019 adequate for most of your organization's needs? 


SR Standard only replicates a single 2TB volume max
SR Standard only replicates one volume 
SR Datacenter has no limits
6. If you answered NO in above, please explain why
7. If you had to choose your replication option, would you:
8. How many employees are in your organization?
9. Please select your organization's primary industry.